Mapping is the diagrammatic representation of the sequence of work and the nature of events in a business or organizational process or workflow. The process mapping exercise focuses on capturing explicit and tacit operational details of businesses to standardize work procedures and policies and serves as foundation for external accreditation, process driven management and business process re-engineering that will drive efficiencies. Process maps also simplify system implementations, helping understand the gaps between on ground operations and software functionality. Process mapping allows firms to formalize operations and special procedures, improve quality and service standards, reduce dependencies on individuals and ensure effective training of new staff.

It also enables the management to understand work responsibilities and distribution and in the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), helping build an objective, performance based culture while reducing conflicts and redundancies between roles and organizational departments. We specialize in mapping processes for Healthcare sectors and our experienced consultants can drive the exercise to meet your exact needs. Our mapping exercise is designed to capture all crucial information pertaining to the business in the maps, while ensuring that the output is simple to understand and unambiguous and delivered in a timely manner.