Life Care Made Easy

  • Point and click data entry which in turn helps in accurate charting
  • Compliance to International standard healthcare protocols.
  • Eliminates manual data gathering thus resulting in accurate prescribing.
  • Instant access to medical records, lab results and radiology images
  • Provide statistics for health planning and cost analysis

ensuring efficiency

YASASii ensures consistent and streamlined functioning of all the departments to migrate revenue loss for the organization. It synchronizes the clinical, financial, and administrative processes to ensure operational efficiency


A breakthrough patient-centric healthcare information system, that will enable the governors/regulator, managers, and end-users to visualize reliable information to make timely decisions with optimal resources.

To save lives, improve the quality of care and reduce costs through the effective use of information technology.

Electronic Medical Records / Clinical Information System(CIS)

Keeping details patients medical records for continuing patient care is of utmost importance in any healthcare organization. EMR can transform your paper-based clinical process into a 24*7 immediate-access paperless system.

Key features

  • Inculdes patient demographics, patient history, physical examination, investigations, diagnosis, treatment plan and progress notes
  • Point and click data entry with templates for history taking and physical examination can configured according to the requirements of each specialty
  • Usage of standardized terminology (ICD 9/10) improves the accuracy of documentation
  • ICD 9 / 10 SNOWMED CT, CPT, DRG Compliant

Key benefits

  • Saves valuable space and resources by eliminating medical records room. The personnel can be redeployed to other areas to enhance patient service and quality
  • Eliminites manual data gathering, reduces staff workload and increases physician satifaction
  • Facilitates physician mobility without compromising data accessibilty or security
  • Saves time by instant access of medical records

Computerized Physician Order Entry

The CPOE module allows orders to be entered and electronically transmitted from the point of origin to the point of patient services thus minimizing delays, and medical errors, eliminating lost paper and making information accessible to other providers.

Key features & benefits

  • Reduce waiting time and increase patient safety
  • Eliminates the possibility of litigation expenses, arising from errors
  • Increased standardization reduces variability in patient care
  • Increased compliance with treatment protocols and clinical pathways

Expediting Delivery


E-Prescription is a form of Computerised Physician Order Entry where in the doctor prescribes through a computer over a secured network eliminating the need for a handwritten prescription.

Key Features

  • Increased standardization reduces variability in patient care
  • Uses a private, secure, and closed network similar to called Surescripts
  • Ensures clear and unambiguous transfer of instructions to the pharmacist
  • Cross-checks for allergies, by drug-to-drug interactions, alerts, and reminders
  • Automatic dosage calculation and medicine reconciliation

Front Office Suite

Front Office Suit facilitates patient registration, appointment scheduling, consultation, and biometric identification. The system allows patients to request appointments with physicians and capture relevant demographic data



Making the healthcare facility


Generating Solutions

This system caters to the requirement of clinical biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, immunology, etc., and streamlines all processes at the lab right from sample collection to result in entry and transfer.

Key features & benefits

  • HL7 standards incorporate the ability to receive data from other lab machines
  • Sample management system generates barcodes
  • Automatically captures results and updates patients' records
  • Instant receipt of doctor’s orders by the lab
  • Direct submission of lab results to the doctor
  • QA 8QI system for Laboratory Equipment

Controlling Outbreaks

The infection control system is a data mining tool that is on constant vigilance against an outbreak of hospital-acquired infections and indiscriminate antibiotic usage. The data from critical departments are processed and analyzed and meaningful reports have been generated that help to identify and pinpoint the source of infection, whether it is iatrogenic or hospital-acquired. This system is indispensable for healthcare institution which is aiming for accreditation.

  • Data is sourced automatically and analyzed without human intervention
  • Alert the hospital authorities if an outbreak is suspected
  • Tracks patient's journey and significantly reduces superbugs (MRSA)
  • Monitor the usage of antibiotics

Redefining Procedures

Admission, discharge & transfers

This module forms the core of the in-patient treatment and monitoring functions. It tracks the movement of the patient when he/she is admitted to a ward, shifted to another ward, and discharged from the hospital.